Nike internationalist liberty will surely catch the eyes of any sneaker lover with its striking fluorescents color either on the swoosh sign or base. It is very stylish and looks more of fashionable footwear rather than an athletic shoe. I immediately decided to get the Nike internationalist as my racing shoes because of its nice “snug” fit to my feet and for being light as compared to other racing shoes that I’ve tried. The sales guy cautioned me not to use this racing shoes for road races longer than 10K runs.

The ride of Nike internationalist is very fast and smooth. Impact protection remains superb in such a light shoe. As I’ve not raced in hot conditions yet in the Nike internationalist I can’t comment on its breathability, though I never had problems of that sort in the Nike internationalist. If there’s one thing I’d like to see is the increase in the height of the toebox but the future of the Lunaracer remains known only to Nike. The first time I used this shoes was during the Hope In Motion 3 Run at Ayala Alabang Village which i ran for the 10K race and another 10K for an easy long run with other runner-bloggers. In that run and initial “baptism” of this shoes, I felt I was running faster than my usual pace and the shoes was very light and comfortable. Now I’ve been training in Nike internationalist for over six years and can get away with running my longest workouts in them – even up to 22 miles. If you have always worn a more structured shoe then i wouldn’t jump into the Nike internationalist for 100% of your mileage. I admit I perspire a lot during my runs, most especially running beyond the 10K race, and my socks are the ones that absorb my sweat but I observe that the shoes itself don’t get wet. I could feel that the shoes is still light even if my socks are wet but there is a “loud” pounding sound of the shoes every time my feet hit the ground. Although this is just a small observation but such sound gives me “beat” or signal whether my legs’ turn-over/stride frequency gets slower during the race.

The comfort that you can feel with the Nike internationalist is also exceptional. The midsole is where the magic happens in the Nike internationalist's. Directly underneath the ball of the foot, a jogger will notice an area in the midsole that is meant to behave as a fulcrum. As your foot moves across this point, it encourages the foot to tip forward and propel the runner onto the forefoot. And, I can attest that it does this. I noticed hook improvement in my cadence while wearing the Nike internationalist’s and my calves let me know I am up further on my foot than I fall. Upon joining a marathon, you will most likely aim to win the competition. Making advances just feel so smooth, and for the whole duration of the race, you will not experience having blisters at all. With the maximum comfort that this racing shoe can offer, a lot of runners have really benefitted.

The midsole of this awesome smart nike internationalist women's uk also puts focus on stability with microfiber synthetic bands in the interior of the shoe that help secure your foot firmly in place. I hope the series continues to be improved on but for the time being, the Nike internationalist is my racing shoe of preference for races up to the marathon distance. With so much attention paid to the midsole, Nike knew it couldn’t neglect the outsoles of these“virtual wings” for your tootsies. The Nike internationalist features Flywire technology that envelopes the heel creating a stable and snug fit.